Hello Everybody.

This website is created to show the wonderfull world of the Galapagos. I had the possibility to visit this unique place.

Thanks to....

First of all my greatful thanks to my girlfriend Nicky. Without her, this fantastic trip was impossible. I want to thank the entire ship crew who were always ready for us and have treated us like queens, during our 8 days trip. As well our guides, with their tons of information. At last I want to thank Jonathan for the great pictures he sent us.
Ps; Just feeling like I have won an Oscar.

It all started on the 28th - 2013

These pictures do not lie. If you take your time to watch our pictures, I should not tell you that this was a unique trip. For people who love animals and nature, this place on our earth, is earthly paradise. Probably one of few the places where wildlife and humans forms a sort of harmony. Incredible. A place where you feel as a king and yet so void. Respect for nature in all in all its facets. I can go on for hours but I suposse I made my statement.
We arrived on the 28th of mai, 2013 in Guayaguil, second biggest city of Ecuador, after an 15 hour flight. It was 7.00pm. Nicky's husband already arranged transport from the airport to the hotel, due to the well known reputation of Equador cities. Certainly when two ladies arrives there for the first time.

We spend one night/day in Guayaguil before leaving to the Galapagos by plain. Guayaguil, 2.6 mio people, like most of South American cities a mixed of ancient Spanish culture,with modern building. A place where extreme wealth and poorness is only separated by one single road. In the morning we did some sightseeing in Guayaguil, with a guide. It seems that this was the best and safest( for two ladies) way to see Guayaguil. The national park is definitely recommended. In the afternoon, relaxing in our hotel and preparing already for the next flight to the Galapagos.