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  • About Teca4

    IPTV is the easiest way to pick up your local TV, anywhere in the world. You just need a broadband connection and a TV, that's it!! You do not need a PC, you do not need a VPN, and you do not need an IP shield.

    As one of the pioneers in the field of IPTV, Teca4 started in 2011 with the distribution of European English channels in South America. A year later we got the sales division of the Arab channels from another provider( Wise+, Germany). Currently we have 5 packages at our disposal that we distribute to satellite stores all over Europe. We deliver our packages with or without IPTV set top box. It is possible for some packages to sell the streaming.

    Our vision was, and still remains, to allow expatriates to view live TV without the need for a PC, without the need for a Virtual Private Network (VPN) and without the need to shield their IP address and their whereabouts, and above all, to be able to watch it, LIVE, on a TELEVISION sat in the comfort of their armchairs.

    We have to admit that sales of IPTV in Europe, still hoping behind compared to the existing satellite receivers in Europe, but we looking to a more brighter future in short notice. It is a product of the future that evolves on high speed. We also see a greater range of channels in the near future that will give us an other aspect of watching television. The world will be even smaller since we are no longer continental bound , as we know with satellite receivers to this moment of speaking.

  • Our packages

    Arabic channels

    The best of the Arabic TV at your home. 300 Channels from Nilesat, Arabsat and hotbird you can watch with your IPTV set top box. No dish need anymore and with the wifi on the Wise+ set top box, you exclude the internet cable aswell.

    Uk Channels

    Watching British TV abroad has never been so simple. Gain access to the best of British TV with your very own IPTV set top box which is designed to replicate a Freeview receiver from the UK, allowing you to view live TV from these countries anywhere in the world via your internet connection.

    USA Channels

    What was never been possible before is now happening. American channel on yout TV-set in Europe. Not CNN but 13 channels of fine American TV

    Swedish, Norwegian and Danish channels

    80 channels of the best Scandinavian pay TV, you can watch where ever you are in the world. Scandinavian people does not have to miss the favourite channels. You can have it all in one package or seperated per country.

    Greek channels

    30 channels of Greek TV, you can watch with IPTV set top box. Greek people, all over the world, does not have to miss the favourite channels.

  • Our Contacts

    If ypou have any question concerning the IPTV boxes or channels, do not hesitate to contact us.